Bored of eating the same plain old keto breakfast everyday?

“Yes!?” – Well good thing you’re reading this post…

Following a ketogenic diet doesn’t have to be boring, time consuming or dang right difficult.

At the end of the day, if you’re not enjoying your diet, you’re far less likely to be successful in the long-term. 

It’s time to switch up your morning routine and whip up a storm that leaves you and your taste buds satisfied until lunch!

I know it can be pretty tough trying to think up delicious Keto approved recipes and so, I’ve put together a go-to list of 15 delicious breakfast recipes that will keep you in ketosis:

1. Keto Overnight ‘Oats’

Keto-Overnight-Oats recipe

Porridge lovers this one is for you. Personally, I’m a huge lover of overnight oats and so this oat free recipe ticks all the right boxes for me when trying to cut the carbs. The great thing about overnight ‘oats’ is that you can get super creative with your flavorings; anything in the berry family is your best friend on the Keto diet due to their low sugar content. This recipe is also vegan, sugar free, dairy free and paleo approved! 

Check out the recipe at Healthful Pursuit 

2. Keto Egg, Bacon and Veg Muffins

Egg, bacon and veg muffins recipe

Find yourself in a crazy rush in the morning? Put aside just 20 mins to meal prep these muffins and you’ll be able to grab-and-go for the next three days! Super simple and quick to make, these muffins are the perfect mix of fat, protein and veg. This epic combo will be sure to keep you satisfied until lunch.

Check out the Recipe at Basement Bakehouse 

3. Keto Bullet Proof Coffee

keto bullet proof coffee recipe

Less of a morning eater and more of a morning drinker? Coffee addicts listen up! Try out this bullet proof coffee recipe to amp up your fats and save your daily intake of carbs and protein for lunch and dinner. Bullet proof coffee fans find their morning dose leaves them feeling incredibly energised and alert – give it a go if you need a coffee fix to wake you up!

Check out the recipe at Meraadi

4. Keto Spinach and Mushroom Quiche

Keto spinach and mushroom quiche recipe

This vegetarian quiche is great for a healthy Keto breakfast and also as a lunch when combined with a low carb side salad. With only 3g of carbs in each slice, it’s a slam dunk for Keto dieters. This recipe will make up 6 tasty slices, making it another easy grab-and-go recipe to take out the door.

Check out the recipe at In Keto Mode

5. Keto Pancakes

Keto Pancakes recipe

Now I am a total pancake lover – so when I found this recipe I was on cloud nine. This recipe will be popular with the whole family and is a great weekend Keto breakfast or brunch. The recipe uses cream cheese to make them super soft, moist and tasty. Dowse your pancakes in butter, full fat cream and berries to amp up the flavour and the fat content.

Check out the recipe at Recipes From A Pantry 

6. Keto Bacon and Egg Fat Bombs

keto Bacon and egg fat bombs recipe

Fat bombs are a Keto dieters best friend. Easy and quick to make, full of that essential fat and of course delish! You can keep these savoury morning fat bombs refrigerated for up to 5 days; perfect for your work week!

Check out the recipe at Keto Diet App

7. Keto Avocado Smoothie with Coconut Milk, Ginger, and Tumeric

Avocado Keto Smoothie recipe

A recipe with no eggs, please? You got it! This creamy detox smoothie is not only super tasty but it’s also packed full with antioxidants and anti-inflammatory ingredients. A sweet and refreshing taste with absolutely no added sugar and high in fat, this is the perfect Keto breakfast smoothie.

Check out the recipe at Low Carb Maven

8. Morning Keto Toast

bread keto recipe

Ever just crave a good old slice of toast in the morning? Well, at just one net carb per slice, you can toast until your heart’s content! Spread on full-fat butter, your favorite nut butter or even cream cheese and you’re good to go. Also, perfect for making cheese on toast under the grill (cue the drooling).

Check out the recipe at Great Health Advice 

10. Creamy Keto Hot Cinnamon Cereal

hot keto cereal recipe

With Fall officially here, we’re craving warm bowls of goodness in the morning. With a cinnamon flavouring ,this hot cereal bowl made with ground raw sunflower seeds, almond flour and flax meal is the perfect festive delight. Top with your favourite berries to up your antioxidants and a low carb syrup for a sweet tooth. A keto breakfast delight!

Check out the recipe at Beauty And The Foodie

11. Avocado Burger

keto avocado burger recipe

Burgers for breakfast!? Well, when they’re made with this inventive twist… why on earth not! Using an avocado as a bun replacement and the addition of our beloved cheese, you can easily up your morning fat intake for a Keto-tastic breakfast.

Check out the recipe at Low Carb – No Carb

12. Keto Breakfast BLT Salad

Keto BLT Salad recipe

You can enjoy this recipe for breakfast, lunch or dinner!  A twist on the classic BLT, this salad gives you all of the flavour without any of the guilt. Stick to your macros and keep that fat burning right through the day. You can’t get much simpler but sometimes simple if best! If you really fancy a good old fashioned BLT, why not whip up some Keto bread featured above.

Check out the recipe at Skinny Taste

13. Keto Taco Breakfast Skillet

Keto-Taco-Breakfast-Skillet recipe

Can’t afford a holiday to Mexico? We got ya! Sorry, we can’t buy you a flight but we can provide you with this Mexican inspired taco recipe! Meal prep this breakfast skillet on a Sunday and enjoy it throughout the week. With shredded cheese and heavy cream, it’s the perfect high fat Keto breakfast recipe. 

Check out the recipe at Peace Love and Low Carb

14. Strawberry Chocolate Milkshake

Chocolate Smoothie recipe

Dairy free, gluten free, sugar free, vegan and Keto? It’s a winner! With only 4 ingredients this shake is quick, easy and perfect for a sweet tooth. This delectable recipe only has 4 net carbs and so it’s a great breaky to keep you in ketosis.

Check out the recipe at Healthful Pursuit 

15. Baked Mini Frittatas with Mushrooms, Cottage Cheese and Feta

Baked Mini Frittatas recipe

This veggie friendly breakfast is Keto approved, refined sugar free and gluten free. Bake for just 25 mins or until golden brown for a delicious and nutritious breaky. Cook up a batch and simply reheat in the microwave for breakfasts or a healthy Keto snack throughout the week.

Check out the recipe at Kalyns Kitchen 

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